Cite 39

Fall 1997

Cite 39
039 - Fall 1997
Guest Editor(s):
Nonya Grenader and Bruce C. Webb


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Featured Articles

Larry McMurtry
Conversation with Nonya Grenader, Bruce C. Webb, and Drexel Turner

Our Piece of the Country
By John Graves

On Leaving Texas
By Rosellen Brown

Horton Foote
Conversation with Terrence Doody and Nonya Grenader

High Plains Farm
By Paula Chamlee, with an Essay by George F. Thompson

Road Trip: Blue Star Highway 59
By Bruce C. Webb

Riding the Sunset
By Margaret Culbertson

Most of the Coast: Sabine Pass to Boca Chica
By Barrie Scardino

The Architecture of Oil
By Marta Galiki

Toxic Tour of Texas
By Sharon Stewart

Farmers and the Dell Plant
By Joel Warren Barna

Texas Movie Landscapes
By Jon Schwartz

McMurtry’s Houston
By Sims McCutchan

The Texas Room
By Stephen Fox

Texas Boundaries: Evolution of the State’s Counties; Taking Measures Across the American Landscape
Review by Danny Marc Samuels

By John Hejduk