Cite 14

Summer 1986

Cite 14
014 - Summer 1986
Guest Editor(s):
Elizabeth S. Glassman


Cover and Table of Contents

Citelines: Jean-Michel Jarre Sheds New Light on Downtown | The Galveston Arches | Saving the Shamrock: Some Viable Alternatives | Down in the Dumps: Houston’s Solid Waste Disposal Discussed

Citesurvey: Tin Houses
By Neal I. Payton

Featured Articles

The Tejas Club
By June Arnold

By Walters Clemons

Let it Rain
By David Kaplan

By Max Apple

By Wolde-Ghiorghis Ayele

Master Johnson’s House of Education
By John Kaliski

Citeations: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The Vernacular Landscape | Diverse Works | Photographs of Texas Monuments | Photographs from the Bauhaus
Reviews by Phillip Lopate, Lorenzo Thomas, April Rapier and Sally Gall

UnCitely: Terminal Condition
By Jan O’Brien

HindCite: The Last Splash
By David Crossley